Art of Throwing
Art of Throwing
Art of Throwing

Art of Throwing

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Get your hands dirty as you investigate sculptural and functional ceramic forms. This class will help the beginner learn about the techniques of wheel throwing; and provide students of various levels more time to master their skill. This class emphasizes textural surface techniques with underglaze decoration and mid-range oxidation glazing for thrown forms. When you complete this class you will have several decorative and functional pieces to take home.

 Skills acquired in this class include:

  • Knowledge of the six steps to making a vessel on the wheel: wedging, centering, opening, lifting the wall, shaping, trimming.
  • Basic glazing techniques for pottery forms.
  • Patience, getting centered and enjoying the process. 

Member Cost | $288
Non-Member Cost | $318
Dept. Fee | $60

NOTE: Studio and lab times will NOT be held this Summer at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas due to issues regarding capacity UNLESS your instructor agrees to remain in the classroom with you for the time. In short, studio and lab times will be held exclusively at the Teaching Artist's discretion.

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