Int/Adv Metal Sculpture
Int/Adv Metal Sculpture

Int/Adv Metal Sculpture

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Quench your desire to bend and shape metal with this open format class for all levels. This class will develop your creative, technical and problem-solving skills, in additional to cultivating the 3-D aspect of metal sculpture. Basic design principles of design will be identified and used throughout the course. You will be introduced and asked to engage in dialogue in order to build on a visual vocabulary of your own. You will learn basic welding techniques using an oxy-acetylene torch and arc welder teaching dimension, perspective and composition. Once you have mastered these skills you will have an opportunity to use a MIG welder.

Skills acquired in this class include:

  • Proficiency in brazing (similar to soldering).
  • Arc/Stick welding techniques. 
  • All options with the oxy/acetylene torch and the use of tools necessary to think through the process to complete a project you choose.

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Dept. Fee | $55