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Jordan | Mon | 3/29 - 4/19 | 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Explore the concepts of juxtaposition and composition as we create a shadowbox assemblage.

Assemblage is the art of taking discarded, random objects and reassembling them into a new, creative expression. Small toys, old jewelry, scrap metal and plastic bits can have a new purpose! You will be instructed in the proper use of hand tools, miter saw and jigsaw for creating the structure of your shadowbox. Other processes that will be covered include paper mache, faux antique painting and illumination using string lights. Please note, the student will be responsible for bringing in small personal items to be included in their shadowbox.

Skills acquired in this class include:

  • Understanding of design fundamentals pertaining to assemblage.

  • Competency with various power tools.

  • A basic knowledge of paper mache and surface finishes.

NOTE: This is a four week class.

Member Cost | $144
Non-Member Cost | $174
Dept. Fee | $65

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