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Warwick | Sat | 8/10 - 10/5 | 2:30 PM - 5:30 PMWarwick | Sat | 10/19 - 12/14 | 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

This two-part series of classes is for you if:

  • You are a new or experienced in your art form, but not yet selling your work.
  • You have enjoyed giving your creations to friends and family.
  • You would like to begin entering shows, competitions, and weekend festivals.
  • You want to build an online presence.
  • You want to learn the basics of the business side of an art.

The series will include professional speakers, field trips and the production of one art show at the CAC gallery. Artists never stop working on the business-end of art. It can take years to develop a successful art business, this course will help artists strategically transition from hobbyist to professional.

Your instructor, Kat Warwick, believes no one should spend years or thousands of dollars trying to figure it out. If you are looking to start selling or marketing your work, this 16-week series of classes will be your guide along the path. Each week we will approach a different subject to learn, explore, and implement into your practice.

You can register for Part One only. Both Part One & Two. 


Week 1 Who Are You? / What are your Goals? / What is your mission?

 Week 2 Business of Art I: Register your business. Sales Tax. Insurance.

Week 3 Marketing I: Target Market, Social Media, Trade Organizations, Online Galleries

Week 4 It takes a village: Who’s in your village and whose village are you in?

Break Week Kat is gone, teaching on a dance cruise. Do Research!

Week 5 Judging I: The art of judging yourself and others

Week 6 Business of Art II: Stay focused

Week 7 Opportunities 1-a: Competitions, Exhibitions & Festivals

Week 8 Opportunities 1-b: Hands On Class - All aspects of participating and producing an art exhibition.

Break Week** Gallery Visits and Research (Deadline for entering student exhibition.)


Week 9 Judging II & Producing an Exhibition Student Exhibition Jury Process and Planning Session

Week 10 Marketing II: Website, The Media

Week 11* Business of Art III: Legalities: Accounting, Copyright, Contracts, etc

Week 12 Activity Night: Load In and Hang Show

Week 13 Professionalism: Artistic and Business Integrity

Week 14 Opportunities II: Residencies, Micro Grants, Speaking/Demos, Work on Loan, Teaching, Donating and Public Works

Week 15* Selling Your Artwork: Commissions, Demo Gigs, Public Art, Festivals, Galleries

Week 16 Success Stories: Students share with the class what they have accomplished in these 16 weeks. Celebration Ensues! De-install Show and Load Out