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Unruh | Wed | 4/3 - 5/22 | 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

A beginner's course:

Take a seat at the bench and take a tour of your jewelry toolbox – then take a brief video tour of all the possibilities that exist in the world of self-adornment!  In this new class, we will create wearable items in metal, starting with sawing, filing, drilling and pattern rolling. While we will cover soldering, there will also be considerable discussion of the many ways of attaching metal, glass, stone, and found objects onto surfaces to create jewelry with personality.

Please note this class is primarily for beginners and will not deal with precious metals (only silver, brass, bronze, and copper) or the setting of fully facetted stones or full-prong settings. 

You will gain new perspectives on the possibilities and learn the tools and techniques to let your ideas come to life.

Skills acquired in this class include:

  • Basic wire construction.
  • Sawing and piercing techniques for sheet metal.
  • Fundamental soldering and bezel setting knowledge.
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