The Art of the Japanese Print

The Art of the Japanese Print

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Thoman | Tue | 10/20 - 12/8 | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Unlock the secret to this ancient art form and transform your art through the subtle beauty of this color printing process.   We will begin with a one color Mokuhanga print to understand the process of creating and transferring your image to wood. Gain confidence through practicing new carving skills.  Learn about Japanese paper, experience proper inking techniques and fully understand how easy it is to register and align your blocks for perfect printing. The goal of this class will be to create an original 3 to 4 color block print, mastering the Mokuhanga process with an edition of your multi-color print.  This is a non-toxic process you will be able to continue in your studio. For all skill levels.  You may purchase your own carving tool set from the artist for $30.

Skills acquired in this class include:

  • Exposure to the history of ancient Japanese printmaking.

  • Comprehension of different carving methods.

  • Proper use and care of various carving tools.


Terri Thoman - Paper Arts
118 N. Peak Street
Dallas, TX 75226

Member Cost | $288
Non-Member Cost | $318
Dept. Fee | $60

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