Collins | Sun | 4/7 - 5/19 | 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM


A six-week class taught by Dan + Rebecca Collins

The goal of this class is to teach experimentation while building up layers of color and texture using a variety of collage and printing techniques. We hope that students will learn to get messy and loosen up, allowing happy accidents to occur as they discover new ways of creating mixed-media art.

The first day of class is April 7th.

*Class will not meet on April 14th.

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Kies | Wed | 4/1-5/20 | 6:30-9:30


Fiber arts are experiencing a resurgence in popularity and a revitalization in the fine arts world. Breaking from homey cottage-craft and inaccessible industrial-sized free weaves, contemporary trends are incorporating a broad variety of fiber materials and techniques into painting and sculpture. In this class, we will explore some of the hottest new possibilities that artists around the world are reclaiming.

This course is meant for creative individuals looking to delve into new possibilities with integrating fiber into their existing art practice or to take their fiber skills into new art directions. While the emphasis of this class is on fiber art, the work does cross media. Skills competencies addressed will include: planning and design, sewing (embroidery, piecing, and quilting), knot work (free, crochet, loomed), felting and paper making, and surface treatment (dyeing, printing, painting); these will be explored in relation to sculpture, painting, and photography.

Wk 1: Introduction. Sewing techniques. Collage and embroidery.
Wk 2: Surface treatment. Dyes, resists, prints 1.
Wk 3: Surface treatment. Dyes, resists, prints 2.
Wk 4: Piecing and quilting in 2 & 3 dimensions.
Wk 5: Knot work and acrylic.
Wk 6: Fibers that bind and build themselves: felt and paper forms.
Wk 7: The significance of scale: micro works and mega-knots.
Wk 8: Fiber techniques in wood, clay, metal, stone.

Is this class “Out of Stock”? Sign up for the waitlist below in case of openings!

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